Adelphis helps gifted young people, who are in the world for good, to grow personally as they share their gifts with others. It achieves this mission through supporting gifted young people, by accompanying them on their personal path of growth through the Adelphis Training Program. Potential candidates are encouraged to consult the »Multipliers page to learn more about the profile of those who have successfully applied for Adelphis support. Sponsored candidates are aided and supervised by experienced mentors. Currently these mentors are active geographically in Europe, South America, Africa and India/South East Asia. Get to know our regional mentors better by accessing the »Mentor page. Adelphis supports successful candidates primarily, though not exclusively, by providing teaching material and awarding stipends to enable them to develop their gifts in courses of further study. More information on these and other support modalities that Adelphis offers can be accessed through the »Resources page. Mentors are supervised by experienced (Role) »Models.
Adelphis has an Advisory Council, which assesses the suitability of applicants for helping Adelphis achieve its aims. Candidates deemed suitable by the Advisory Council for the Multiplier, Mentor and (Role-) Model levels are evaluated by the Board of Directors. The Board, in close consultation with the Advisory Council, and considering the level of available funding, then selects those applicants who are to be supported. The decision of the Board of Directors regarding sponsored candidates is final.